A View From Beautiful!

I was recently listening to a marvelous Ted Talk by William Noel and he used this phrase ‘A Glorious Selection of Beautiful Things’…and so, like all honest artists, I stole it!

Perhaps more like borrowed, although I have no intentions of giving it back. 😉

This new blog will be dedicated to all those things everywhere that I find BEAUTIFUL – from art imitating life to life imitating art; from inside museums to outside slums; from grand gestures of courage to random acts of kindness – and in my efforts I hope to encounter something greater than beauty along the way. Something otherworldly, supernatural and beyond stupendous!

I hope you all will join me and contribute and comment as you see fit!

To start us off I thought I would Google the word BEAUTY just for laughs to see what would come up under images…this was the first one that was not of a woman’s face or body!

Now off we go – to a grande adventure!


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