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I was recently listening to a marvelous Ted Talk by William Noel and he used this phrase ‘A Glorious Selection of Beautiful Things’…and so, like all honest artists, I stole it!

Perhaps more like borrowed, although I have no intentions of giving it back. ;)

This new blog will be dedicated to all those things everywhere that I find BEAUTIFUL – from art imitating life to life imitating art; from inside museums to outside slums; from grand gestures of courage to random acts of kindness – and in my efforts I hope to encounter something greater than beauty along the way. Something otherworldly, supernatural and beyond stupendous! I hope you all will join me and contribute and comment as you see fit!

ck_blackWho am I? I am an author, dancer, self-proclaimed philosopher, advocate for radical love, sick w/ justice, & mad comic book aficionado ❤️.  I reside in Viera, Florida (on the Spacecoast). I’ve been married to Michael Keaton (not the actor) since 1994 and am the mother of Mikaela and Michael, Jr. I don’t believe in religion or politics. I believe in God and Jesus and in a personal Truth, Love, Justice and Beauty. When asked recently to articulate my main philosophy of life I quoted Jodorowsky (upon receiving a half filled glass of water)- “Is it half full or half empty?” So I drank the water. No more problem.” ╦╤─

What Do I Write? Fiction, mostly action, suspense, Sci-Fi, and I wax philosophically from time to time.
Favorite Authors Carroll, Ishiguro, Dahl, King, Updike (my father’s cousin), Hayden, Miller, Sebald, Dinesen, Dick, Poe, Eliot, O’Neill, Doestoyevsky, Gao Xingjian, Solzhenitsyn, Kierkegaard, Harlan Ellison, 士郎 正宗 Shirō Masamune, Asimov…& me (not to be narcissistic, just honest).

img_5833 My Quotes

  • “Beauty exists outside of aesthetics. It is its own entity, almost indefinable by human imaginings.”
  • “If I have to choose between truth and beauty, I choose beauty. Why, you may ask. A fair question.  .  . and for that I have a more than fair answer. Quite simply put, I prefer the view from beautiful.”
  • “Justice and Beauty are the children of Truth and Love lived out in our lives.”
  • “Justice is a very elusive thing. Most people say that they want it, at least at some time or other in their life, but most of us don’t even know what “it” is, where it came from, where it resides or just how powerful it is.”
  • “When you fight to expose injustice, beware – injustice fights back!”
  • “Sometimes you need to wait for the rains to stop and the clouds to clear away before you can see all the beauty that they have brought with them.”
  • “Are not my actions merely just carried out pieces of fallen gray matter? The outpouring of electrical signals wired in such a way in my brain that when carried from thought to motion they are performing random masterpieces?”
  • “I have heard it said that man is a dichotomy, but I say he is a trichotomy – mind, body and spirit in constant war with one another over possession of his very soul.”
  • writing… ’til my fingers bleed; ’til tears drown me; ‘til reason ceases; ‘til my heart stops beating – then write some more…
  • If you don’t love ‘til it hurts, you’re doing something wrong!  😉

– Christiaän Keaton © 2009

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